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Kirsten Dimbleby

Name: Kirsten Dimbleby

Project that they engage with: Traineeship Programme


Kirsten attended our 16-18 Traineeship programme in May of last year. The 12-week course aims to give these students an opportunity to gain vital experience in a real work environment.

The course has also helped Kirsten improve functional skills and since the completion of the cohort, Kirsten has gone onto to work as a steward at Chesterfield Football Club.

Kirsten said, “I have enjoyed the work experience as it boosted my confidence a bit as I have had to speak to customers and serve them, I have enjoyed working in the classroom and becoming more of a team with the people on the course. I have enjoyed the Trainneship course as it has helped me improve my skill and attitude.

Kristen took part in one of the four cohorts we put on each year. These cohorts last 12 weeks and as part of the Traineeship programme, students will get the opportunity to help run, promote and grow our popular Vintage Programme Shop business.

For more information about the Traineeship Programme, visit our page on our website, email Education Coordinator, Scott Atkinson or call the office on 01246 264030.