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CFC Memorial Garden

The Chesterfield FC Memorial Garden has been built by the Chesterfield Supporters Club. The Supporters Club, Chesterfield FC and The Community Trust are proud to have this facility where family and friends can remember their loved ones.

It is a living memorial which will be changed and added to as required; it is unlikely it will ever be finished. The day-to-day maintenance and control of funds is by the Chesterfield FC Community Trust and a sub-committee of that Trust appointed jointly by the Supporters Club and the Trust.

Funds raised will be used to ensure the Garden is well maintained and for any additional developments. Those funds may also be used for education projects inspired by the themes of the Garden or to improve the surrounds and facilities in The Hub adjacent to the garden.

Ashes of people associated with Chesterfield FC can be interred in the Garden. For more information visit our Placing Ashes page.

Flowers can be left in the Garden in the holders provided. Unless agreed by the Trust these will be removed after seven days or when displays become unsightly. It is not intended that scarves, shirts, cards and other tangible items are left as security cannot be guaranteed and the Garden is not suited to such displays. The Trust will work with families to ensure reasonable requests for commemoration are accommodated. Except for the official wall plaques no permanent memorials will be placed in the Garden without the permission of the Trust.

Information about the Garden and forms for wall plaques and donations are available from the reception at The Hub opposite the Garden.

The Garden is a public space meant to commemorate those associated with Chesterfield FC who are no longer with us.  The Garden also remembers the Spireites former home at Saltergate and is a focus for the Club’s history. While it is open to all, the trust will work with families to enhance their privacy in the Garden at what can be a difficult and emotional time.

The Memorial to the Fallen is a registered War Memorial. This will be a focus for specific acts of remembrance and to recognise those from the Town and area who gave their lives in times of conflict.

All requests and enquiries can be made to the Community Trust on 01246 925115 or via email. If you would like to purchase a plaque for a loved one please download the form. To watch the official opening ceremony visit the CFC Official YouTube page.


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Placing the Ashes in the Memorial Garden

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