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Chesterfield FC Former Players Association

The Chesteprogramme copy heritage cfcfpa 1rfield FC Former Players Association is the group for all those who have represented the Club in the Football League.  Membership is free.

It is a developing group where any of the members are encouraged to contribute to the aims of the group.  You can contact the Association through the Trust.

The secretary of the Association is Paul Kellett who maintains a directory of as many of the players as he can.  If you have played for the Club, please let us know your current details so he can keep you up to date about the Association.




  • Any chesterfield player who has appeared in the Football League or anyone who has managed the team in such a game is automatically a full member.
  • Associate membership is available to anyone who has played for the first team in cup competitions or has held a first team coaching position.
  • Honorary membership may be awarded.
  • The Association will also liaise with the families of players who are no longer with us to further the aims of the Association.


  • The CFCFPA is intended firstly to bring together those who have represented the Club in the spirit of ongoing friendship.
  • The Association will also spread news about the Club, particularly events relevant to members, and about those members.
  • The Players’ Wall at the Chesterfield FC Memorial Garden will be supported by the Association.
  • The Association will support the heritage work of the Trust and Club and assist in any ongoing research as well as with community projects.
  • In times of need the Association will endeavour to offer support to former players.Legends Group 1