Newbold Church Primary School Player Visit

On Monday 8th January, Connor Dimaio, Louis Reed and Laurence Maguire visited Newbold Church Primary School to talk to the students about respect in football.

The Chesterfield players spoke about respecting the opposition and never disrespecting officials even if they have made a mistake in their opinion. The students then asked a few questions to the players. These questions centered around how the players deal with pressure and what it is like to play against higher league opposition and if it they require a different amount of respect.

Louis Reed said, “It is always brilliant to go on these visits. Not only do we get to meet the students but we get to give them some knowledge on how respect not only plays a part in football but it also affects your school life.”

The Headteacher of Newbold Church Primary School, Mrs. Marsh said, “It’s great to have the football club get to different schools and teach the kids the importance of doing well in school. It is also brilliant that the kids get to learn from their heroes that they see out on the pitch week in and week out.”

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